Raymond Introduces Forklift VR Training

Raymond Introduces Forklift VR Training

The Raymond Corp. (Booth S3218) has introduced virtual reality (VR) training, which allows operators to use a Raymond forklift truck in a simulation mode for training using preprogrammed exercises.


“Once the truck’s motion has been disabled, the operator can enter the training environment with their existing Raymond forklift by plugging into Raymond’s sPort, or Simulation Port,” said Dave Norton, VP of corporate quality and customer care.


After securing the VR headset, the user is immersed into an enhanced training experience that simulates the movement and feel of operating a Raymond forklift in a warehouse environment while using the truck’s actual controls.


“This experience has been designed as a supplemental training tool and can also be used to help new forklift operators become comfortable with the vehicle and its controls before operating within the physical environment,” said Norton, who added that the VR training is unlike any other forklift training method currently available in the market.


Raymond is also highlighting several new products and solutions at the booth this year.

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