PSVR Will Be $100 Off For Target’s Black Friday Sale

PSVR Will Be $100 Off For Target’s Black Friday Sale
November 12, 2017
Above: The PlayStation VR headset. Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment


It feels like Halloween just happened (note: that’s because it did), and we’re already in the full swing of the Thanksgiving-to-Black Friday rush and naturally, Target is one of the first places to get in on the craze. According to their Black Friday ad, both Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) and PlayStation 4 (PS4) will be receiving a full $100 discount for the sale period.


The standard issue PSVR headset without the required PS Camera or the optional, but recommended, PS Move controllers, will only be $200 and an accompanying 1TB PS4 (slim model, not Pro) also clocks in at $200. If you already have a PS Camera or PS Move, or can grab them cheaply, that combines together for an incredible deal. If you’d rather get a full bundle like the new Skyrim PSVR bundle then the Target ad does clarify that all other PSVR headsets will also be $100 off. The ad also shows that the excellent Resident Evil 7: biohazard, which is fully playable on PSVR, is available for just $15. That’s a steal.


Of course the usual stipulations apply: these are limited in quantity, only good while supplies last, etc. But if you plan on shopping at Target for Black Friday sales then you should keep an eye out for these deals. These prices will be good from Thursday, November 23rd at 6PM until Friday, November 25th. Reportedly some of these sales will be made available at midnight on the evening of Wednesday, November 22nd.

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