PSVR Versus Google Daydream View

PSVR Versus Google Daydream View
October 10, 2016

PlayStation VR vs. Google Daydream View: A VR Power Struggle

Google’s October 4 event might have been the warning sign for a relatively large shake up in different parts of the tech world - including the VR section, which would have otherwise been dominated by the PlayStation VR.
(Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
On October 4, Google held an event that may have just shaken up the tech world. What makes it even more exciting is that the search engine giant covered various sectors of the tech industry, as opposed to focusing on just one. One such product that was somewhat of a surprise was the Google Daydream View, its bet against the Sony PlayStation VR.
Before the Google Daydream was announced, the PSVR was the frontrunner in the virtual reality platform, despite the already positive reviews on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It was cheaper, more accessible and more powerful. But a new player in the market might just steal the unit's thunder.
As Daily Herald reports, the appeal of the PSVR is that it is less expensive at US$400 as opposed to its original competitors. Furthermore, it requires only a PlayStation 4 and not an entirely new computer system. And as a product of Sony, there was the promise of an extensive gaming experience.
Setting up the unit is relatively easy: Various cables must be plugged into the PS4 and a camera must be set on top of a television screen, but that is essentially it. The unit is also eyewear friendly, easy to manipulate and comfortable yet stable on the head. The unit also comes with controllers that act like a player's arms in VR.
But then Google announced the Daydream, priced at US$79 and comes powered by the Pixel and Pixel XL, with more handset compatibilities to follow. The device was designed for both comfort and power with the expertise of an unnamed show and apparel manufacturer. According to The Verge, Google's product feels almost like a foam mask. Furthermore, the trackpad is found on the controller, and therefore does not awkwardly rest on the headset itself.
In order to play games, users will need to only download various apps that Google will soon begin showcasing. Currently, a labyrinth marble game and a "Harry Potter" wand game are part of the list. The Google Daydream is expected to hit stores early next month.

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