Pros & Cons: A Verdict On The Oculus Touch

Pros & Cons: A Verdict On The Oculus Touch
December 27, 2016


The Oculus Rift VR headset went on sale back in March, but it was only this month that the optional motion controllers arrived. Better late than never, though. In fact, if you already own the Rift, you're going to want to spend an extra $199 on the Oculus Touch: It's comfortable to use, works well as a game controller and allows for smooth, precise motion control. Also, there's already a robust selection of games that support it, with even more to come. As that score of 88 suggests, we have very few complaints, but if we could change one thing, we'd like to see a rechargeable battery in future iterations. Even so, having to periodically swap out the AA battery is a small trade-off for the experience you get.


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The Oculus Touch controllers are exactly what Rift owners need: solid motion controls. But, surprisingly, they're also great gamepads in their own right. They're essential if you want a Rift VR headset.

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