Prepare Thine Wallets! HTC Vive Is On Sale

Prepare Thine Wallets! HTC Vive Is On Sale
June 22, 2017

Prepare thine wallets: the Steam Summer Sale is upon us, and it's not just games getting great deals — the HTC Vive is jumping in with a bundle of its own that's on par with Steam's annual bargain bonanza.


Throughout the course of the Steam Summer Sale, the HTC Vive will be discounted from $799 (£759, AU$1,399) to $749 (£709, AU$1,339) and comes with a $50/£50 Steam gift card perfect for clearing out any leftover games on your wishlist during the sale.


Vive is also throwing in Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Richie’s Plank Experience, Everest VR, and a free month of Viveport's subscription service into the mix — totaling what Vive claims is $928 in value for the $750 bundle.


For those who already own a headset, Vive is also offering a sale on Vive Studios VR titles, marking down games like Virtual Sports and Arcade Saga by as much as 75% off.


As HTC explores lower pricepoints as it expands its VR hardware offerings, this Summer Sale bundle makes for one of the best ways to save on the top-shelf headset as we wait for the Vive 2 to be inevitably announced... someday.


In the meantime, those ready to buy have until the end of the Steam Summer Sale — Wednesday, July 5, at 10am PST — to save big on a new HTC Vive headset.

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