Preorder Vive Wireless Adapter In US Now For $299

Preorder Vive Wireless Adapter In US Now For $299
November 9, 2017

Early adopters of the virtual reality hardware created by HTC, may be interested know that the TPCAST wireless virtual reality adapter specifically created for the HTC Vive VR headset is now available to preorder price to $299 from online retailers such as Amazon, Newegg and the official TPCAST website. If everything goes to plan shipping should start later this month on November 24th, 2017 says TPCAST. Michael Liu, founder, and CEO of TPCAST explains more :

Following the pent-up demand in the North American market we’re excited to bring our revolutionary wireless technology to users. Gone are the days when VR users must settle for the tethered experience; North American users can now experience true freedom – the freedom to explore a beautiful scene, to turn 360 degrees, jump, and even flip without impediment. We believe this industry milestone changes the game for VR unleashing it into a wireless world.


Features :

• Easy to Install: The TPCAST adaptor replaces the HTC Vive cables following a straightforward and easy installation. 
• High Resolution: The transmission delivers up to 2k display resolution and provides an extraordinary virtual reality experience.
• Immersive In-Game Experience: Getting rid of the HTC VIVE cables enables 360 degree of free movement. 
• Long Battery Life: Battery pack provides up to 5 hours of operation. 
• Extraordinary Comfort: The TPCAST wireless Receiver, attached to the HTC Vive is very light and small. 
• No Visual Distortion: The adaptor preserves the high video frame rate of 90Hz (90 frames per second). 
• Near Zero Latency: The adapter adds less than 2ms latency assuring a seamless VR experience. 
• Two-Way Interaction: Signals are transmitted back and forth between the PC Transmitter and Receiver. 
• Broad Signal Coverage: Signals can reach up to 5 meters with a 360 degree angle.• Video Format: HDMI 2.0.
• Video Resolution: 2K (2160*1200).
• Frame Rate: 90Hz.
• Audio Format: 16 bit 44100Hz, 16bit 48000Hz.
• Wireless Transmission Latency: < 2ms. 
• Signal Range: 5 meters, 360 degrees.


TPCAST is currently working closely with HTC to identify skilled developers who can take advantage of the wireless adapter offering early access to the technology to key developers from a wide range of industries including Oil and Gas, Education, Medical, and Entertainment says today's announcement.


The TPCAST wireless adapter is a breakthrough in the field of VR, solving one of the most significant physical obstacles – the cumbersome wiring between the PC and the headset. The wireless adapter is a small device attached to the top of the Vive HMD replacing the cables connecting the PC video and USB to the headset.


The adapter provides users an immersive VR experience including full-range motion capabilities without any impact on video quality and resolution. The adapter works perfectly with graphics intensive applications and with user extreme movement, without adding delay or affecting the experience quality. The Adapter includes a battery that powers the HMD, allowing up to 5 hours of operation.

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