Potential Synergy Releases Dreamscaping Footage

Potential Synergy Releases Dreamscaping Footage
February 18, 2017

Potential Synergy, the New York based VR content startup, has just released new footage of their mind-warping dreamscaping in action. The footage is from their Oculus Rift alpha version of The Dream Cube, the Gear VR experience scheduled to release this spring.

This past December, The Dream Cube demo was chosen as a finalist in Samsung’s Gear VR Killer App Contest. The app was chosen for it’s unique, engaging, and seamless spatial transitioning they call ‘dreamscaping.’ The Dream Cube is a spatial puzzle that changes the world around the user without their knowledge. The objective is to escape the dream by learning and controlling how it transitions.


Dreamscaping is to VR what editing is to film, a seamless way to transition between locations without breaking the user’s sense of presence, agency, or cognitive flow. Will dreamscaping become a fundamental tool for seamless user experiences in VR? Judge for yourself. The demo, a short narrative, is currently available for Gear VR users. http://www.potentialsynergy.com/content/the-demo-cube/


Want to help them take this further? Check out the Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/potentialsynergy/the-dream-cube

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