The PlayStation VR, 6 Months Later

The PlayStation VR, 6 Months Later
April 16, 2017

Sony launched its virtual reality headset back in October of 2016. With the six month anniversary quickly approaching, we can start to judge if this was worth the price of admission or if it was just a gimmick. Sony and Microsoft both focused on motion control gaming at the end of the last console generation only to see it fizzle out. Microsoft has abandoned the Kinect altogether, while the Move controllers are used for the PSVR experience. Sony also dove into 3D gaming on the PS3, only to see it not catch any traction. Yes, there was the occasional cool thing about it, and the same is looking that way for the PSVR. What kind of support can be expected going forward and are you still using the PSVR?


The headset sold extremely quickly and became in short supply until the last month. The price point is fair for the technology, but it is still a bit much for the average gamer. The PSVR had a solid line of launch titles with some improved experiences to come later. Driveclub VR is an excellent experience, even more so on the PS4 Pro. Games like Batman: Arkham VR and Battlezone were cool, but ultimately lacked any lasting appeal. RIGS and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood were solid titles, but it’s doubtful you are still playing these titles right now. Add-ons for games like Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission and NBA 2K: VR Experience were basically tech demos. Fast forward and you have arguably the major reason to own the setup with Resident Evil 7. It adds a whole new experience and dynamic to the game.


Since the beginning of the year, there has not been a lot of content for the PSVR. We know Gran Turismo Sport is coming and would certainly be another selling point, but there’s no date announced. DiRT Rally recently released a VR mode that seems to be well received, but otherwise there really hasn’t been anything notable.  There are a few titles on the horizon such as Statik and Korix, which are puzzle games, The Persistence, which is a FPS, and finally Starblood Arena, which is a space shooter. These will intrigue people currently with the headset, but they are no system buyer.


More importantly, there are VR games and add-ons that have been announced but seem dead in the water. Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience has no release date in site, and neither does Ace Combat 7Ark: Survival Evolved, or War Thunder. Other good VR experiences such as Rock Band VR and Project Cars are not slated to receive an update for the PS4. Project Cars 2 will have VR capabilities, but it might not hit the PSVR. Another six months from now, and this headset could be dead in the water.


A list of the games set to release and have been released can be viewed here. The biggest potential for the PSVR seems tied into racing games and horror games. Both of these genres are lacking support for the headset. Honestly, it comes down to less than a handful of games  that seem worth the time of investment, with one coming in the future with Gran Turismo Sport. As of now, it seems like the headset may not have been the worth the price of admission. It really comes down to the developers to focus on doing a compatible game. The idea of almost any sports game with VR is drool inducing, along with some FPS. Imagine Madden or Battlefield with VR capabilities? It is certainly something MLB: The Show should consider for either an update or to include in the game next year.

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