Playstation 4 Pro To Increase Visual Fidelity Of PSVR

Playstation 4 Pro To Increase Visual Fidelity Of PSVR
September 6, 2016

Sony announced the name and details of PlayStation 4 Pro, formally referred to as the PlayStation Neo during its hardware event today, and one of the major advantages of the system is what it offers owners of the upcoming PlayStation VR hardware.

Players who have both a PlayStation Pro and PlayStation VR will see a marked improvement in the visuals in some virtual reality games, although Sony has already promised that players on the PlayStation 4 hardware will experience framerates high enough to make the experience comfortable.

Sony's Mark Cerny said PlayStation VR developers can increase the crispness of the visuals and that Impulse Games "doubled the rendered pixel count" on Farpoint using the PlayStation Pro. It sounds like the PlayStation Pro will offer developers a few options on how they can increase visual fidelity on PlayStation VR games.

The PlayStation VR will be released on Oct. 13 of this year, with pricing starting at $399.99.

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