Pick The Best Headphones For Your Oculus Go

Pick The Best Headphones For Your Oculus Go
June 17, 2018

Sound is the key to immersion.


With the Oculus Go picking up speed, there are some extra things that you might want for a better experience overall. Whether it's extra battery or better sound, these simple things can add up and really change your immersion. When it comes to sound for VR, it'll change your entire immersion by having a good set of headphones to hear every little sound. These are the best options for headphones in order to make sure your VR experience is the best.


Panasonic Earbuds

If you're more of an earbuds type of person when playing VR, then these Panasonic earbuds are one of the best options out there. With 3.6 feet of cord and a fit that forms to your ear, these are a great option for your VR experience. These are wired, and with all that cable, you won't have to worry about pulling them out.


You can pick these up earbuds for your Oculus Go for only $30.

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Cowin Over the Ear Headphones

The Over the Ear Bluetooth headphones by Cowin are a comfy addition to your VR experience when searching for headphones. These headphones are easy to travel with, and they also have 30 hours of battery charge. They also come with a 3.5mm cable, so you can plug them into your headset and forget the world around you.


For $60, these are a great option to travel with when you're going around with your Oculus Go.

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Avantree Over the Ear Headphones

Avantree creates great headphones for all different uses, and they're a great option for VR. These Avantree headphones are perfect because of the 20 hours of battery as well as superior sound and lightweight fit. They also come with a 3.5mm cable so that you can plug them right into your headset.


These headphones are a great buy for only around $40.

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Bose QC 35 II Over the Ear Headphones

The Bose QC 35 II headphones are one of the best options for noise-canceling headphones on the market right now. These headphones have incredible sound as well as 20 hours of battery so you can continuously play VR without any interruption of sound. They come equipped with a 3.5mm cable to ensure that you have the best wired experience.


You can pick up your own headphones for $349, which is more expensive than the other options, but they're worth every dollar.

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