Personal Development Gets Up Close, And Personal

Personal Development Gets Up Close, And Personal
February 19, 2017

Toronto, February 19, 2017- Beams of light Virtual Reality founder Ron Notarangelo is passionate about personal growth and empowerment. He was facing a turning point in his life when this all began. Feeling he was not using his potential and gifts to the fullest, Ron began to question his purpose in this world while in the middle of a career as an app designer.


While looking for answers by studying many of the various personal growth teachings available at the time, he realized that there were three key issues that stood out that kept people from success.

- Most people struggle to connect to the material and apply it correctly

- Their results are often inconsistent and short lived

- Traditional video and audio programs are not designed to be emotionally driven experiences


A quantum leap in how you go about achieving profound results was required, and one afternoon, out of nowhere, Ron received the vision for what would become Beams of Light Virtual Reality. “All of our dreams start with a vision, and from there it becomes a choice. I know that every day countless people struggle to become the greatest version of themselves. It’s only natural to want to become the best you can be," Ron said.


The problem with most current media based products is that the results don’t last, he added. The lessons and tools they offer may have sound advice, but lack an emotional connection, and do not make a lasting impression on people's subconscious mind. The information is quickly overtaken by existing habits that are holding us back and before you know it, your exactly where you started.


Sure, you can hire one of the many personal growth “Gurus” to coach you, but that can cost you thousands of dollars and their time is limited. Despite these challenges, Ron Notarangelo made the choice to follow his vision: "At Beams of Light VR, we are developing meaningful VR experiences that are both personal and emotional. That simple difference changes everything. Our 'Dynamic Presence Technology' creates easy to use experiences that allow you to relate to a real personal growth leader and feel like your right there with them as they teach you. These VR experiences are very empowering. The use of virtual reality allows you to feel present “in” the lessons, and address the root of your problem much more effectively”.  


Further collaborations with adored names from the spiritual and consciousness culture secure the status of Beams of Light Virtual Reality as the world’s leading personal growth trendsetter.


Founded in 2016, Beams of Light Virtual Reality is a respected brand of spirituality, consciousness, and personal growth VR experiences.


For further information about Beams of Light Virtual Reality, visit

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