Is ODG 4K AR Better Than HoloLens? (Video)

Is ODG 4K AR Better Than HoloLens? (Video)
December 23, 2016

ODG invited me to their offices in Silicon Valley to test their latest headset which is not yet available to the public; ODG R-9. Version 9 of ODG's HMD are extremely powerful 4K augmented reality glasses and I tested them to see if they could rival other AR headsets such as the Microsoft HoloLens. I was not disappointed.

Not many people have heard of ODG so I wanted to find out more. Microsoft bought patents directly from ODG in 2012 for the large sum of $150,000,000 (150 million dollars), one would assume that Microsoft then built its HoloLens technology based on these patents. Fortunately Osterhout Design Group, although they sold their patents, were able to improve upon other existing patents to build the AR glasses that I am demonstrating to you in this video.

I tested ODG's AR interface and augmented reality applications. I then tested OTOY's light field rendering and LG's "Fantasy World" in AR in 3D and stereoscopic. Just, wow !

Whilst editing this video ODG received $58m in Series A funding, the largest of its kind. I am confident ODG will be a strong player in the Augmented Reality industry because they have been developing these glasses for the US military and NASA for many years. To add to this, Ralph Osterhout not only spearheaded the design of these glasses, but he also was the first to build PVS7 night vision goggles for the military. Ralph has over 200 patents to his name, what a legend ! He really is the real-life Q and someone I would personally love to meet.

ODG are now commercialising their glasses and selling their R-7 glasses to consumers. I was fortunate enough to try the AR prototypes shown in this video, the R-9.

I travelled to Berlin to Augmented World Expo (AWE) because I could not get to the United States in time. AWE is growing in size and popularity and some of the speakers at the event were inspiring and innovative. If I've used any of your slides without crediting you please message me and I will add the credit to either the video or this description.

Thanks too to Meta Glasses and Meta AR for allowing me to trial their headset at Augmented World Expo. I've been invited to Meta's offices to review Meta Vision's augmented reality glasses which are reported to have 90 degrees field of view (FoV), please subscribe to my channel so you are alerted when I upload a new video.

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