The Oculus Touch Might Be Expensive

The Oculus Touch Might Be Expensive
September 20, 2016
A second leaked retail listing has priced Oculus' Touch motion controllers at 199 Euros, matching previously leaked prices from Media Market perfectly. This makes the price of the Oculus Rift and its Touch motion tracked controllers roughly equivalent to the HTC Vive, which comes with motion controls at stock.

Media Markt has already acted as a distributor for Oculus, making this listing look very credible, though Oculus us yet to announce the pricing of their Oculus Touch VR motion controllers.  The Oculus Touch will not only include two VR motion controller but also include an additional motion sensor, which goes part of the way to justifying this high price. 
Oculus is unlikely to officially announce the pricing of their Touch controllers until Oculus Connect 3 conference next month, though, for now, it looks like this Oculus accessory will be expensive.

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