Oculus Steps Into Proper Room-Scale VR

Oculus Steps Into Proper Room-Scale VR
May 16, 2017

HTC has been ahead of Oculus with room-scale VR since it launched the Vive, but now Oculus are stepping it up with the Rift and will "fully support" room-scale VR, something that requires 3 sensors in total.


Oculus announced the news on their community forum, something that is already in pre-release testing, and is available in the Public Test Channel of the Oculus software. What's different with the new room-scale Rift goodness, is that you'll need 3 sensors compared to the 2 that are required for Oculus Touch, while the Oculus Rift itself includes a single sensor in the box.


Oculus software has "fully supported" three-sensor Rift setups, but it has been in 'experimental' form with v1.14 of the Oculus software, with a few users reporting issues with tracking and calibration. The new v1.15 software will "fully support three-sensor configurations for larger room-scale setups", while Valve has updated the setup wizard for three-sensor configurations "based on the latest data".

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