Oculus' Portal Now Addressing Key Complaints

Oculus' Portal Now Addressing Key Complaints
May 19, 2017

If you load up Oculus’ developer portal, the page you see now will look quite different than you might remember it looking before.


That’s because, following a global developer survey, Oculus has doubled down on improving the development experience for the creators building apps and games for its platform.


Improvements to its developer portal were one of the three main changes pitched by survey participants, along with requests to improve documentation and provide more communication and support overall.


As a result, the website now features two clearly defined navigation panels and a new search bar that both aim to eliminate the need to click through multiple pages to find information. To that same effect, oculus has also reorganized and refreshed documentation for Unity and Unreal support, as well as for individual SDK.


The communication-focused changes have also brought about new content on the Oculus developer blog, more changelogs for SDK and feature releases, and an overview page where developers can find quick links related to their submitted Oculus apps.


A full list of the changes can be found over on Oculus’ site

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