Oculus Home Update Adds New Apps, Improves UI

Oculus Home Update Adds New Apps, Improves UI
April 9, 2018

Oculus Home is set for a big update this summer, bringing big new features like social VR support. In the run-up to that launch, though, the platform is getting several smaller updates, like a new Public Test patch rolling out this month.


Rift SI version 1.25 is starting to roll out to users that have opted into public testing. It’s by no means a huge improvement, but it does include some interesting tweaks. Most notably, you’ll find a new section of the Oculus Store listing trending apps and highlighting your recent searches (which might make discovery a little better). This is very much a test for now, Oculus says, so we don’t know if it will be included in the full 1.25 release.


Elsewhere, the Library panel inside Oculus Dash has been tweaked, allowing you to browse an updates tab and sort through experiences based on their comfort rating and locomotion methods. The virtual keyboard has also been adjusted to be a little more dependable.


Finally, Oculus notes the patch improves the multiplayer infrastructure for Home, though you won’t actually be able to meet up with friends just yet. That feature isn’t due for release for a few months yet, and should arrive along with the ability to bring your own 3D assets into Oculus Home.

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