Oculus Adds Livestream Comments To Gear VR

Oculus Adds Livestream Comments To Gear VR
November 10, 2017

While the PC-based headsets little sibling Gear VR may not be getting that particular feature, Oculus has just announced several updates specific to the mobile head-mounted display (HMD), such as improvement to Oculus Rooms and Livestream Comments.


In March Oculus added Facebook Livestreaming to Gear VR, allowing players to share their gaming experiences with the world. Now the company has taken that one stage further by allowing streamers to view comments and reactions whilst they’re inside virtual reality (VR), adding for a more dynamic approach to livestreaming. This means that if a viewer has a specific question about the videogame and what it’s like to play streamers can see that and respond.


A bunch of Oculus Rooms updates have been included. Enabling more ways to interact with friends and spend time in Rooms you can now share your photos from Facebook by selecting “My Photos” on Oculus Rooms TV. The function supports both standard 2D images and 360-degree photos.


You now be able to access more Facebook video content, curated into channels like Comedy, Sports, Science & Tech, and more. All accessible directly from the TV in Rooms. Lastly if you want to compete with friends whilst in Rooms why not challenge them to a game of Chess.


On top of all that Oculus has added WebGL 2.0 support for improved WebVR and 3D web content performance, meaning smoother playback and higher quality.

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