Nolo VR: $99 Mobile VR Positional Tracking Tech

Nolo VR: $99 Mobile VR Positional Tracking Tech

Nolo VR guarantees $99 Positional tracking and SteamVR Gaming on Any Mobile VR Headset.


NOLO is an appealing Lighthouse-like positional monitoring system designed to provide ‘room scale’ positional monitoring and movement configurations to cellular VR headsets. In addition, business enterprise says SteamVR ‘compatibility’ through remote play via Riftcat’s VRidge software applications – all with an expected launch cost of $99.


It is possible to feel CES ‘s almost to take place as interesting VR-focused gear is making certain to your run-up into special event. One of the most interesting is NOLO, an add-on which claims to include both positional ‘room scale’ brain and action controllers towards Android driven electric truth headset with latency quoted at less than 20ms.


Developers LYRobotics are behind the newest system including a headset ‘marker’, base element, two cordless, tracked action controllers featuring with buttons, aspects and track-pads demonstrably meant to duplicate functionality with regards to HTC Vive’s SteamVR controllers. The reason why would the company focus on that type of operator emulation? We’ll arrive at that quickly.

Regular site visitors may recognize NOLO’s technology, and/or business subject behind it. Path to VR‘s Ben Lang relocated arms on with an early on on on type of LYRobotic’s system during Greenlight VRS 2016 in bay area bay area early in the day around. NOLO utilises an intriguing fusion of several monitoring technologies:


It’s a proprietary tracking technology by our organization LYRobotix afterwards we label it PolarTraq. Through fusion of optic, acoustic, and radio signs, millimeter standard of dependability and reasonable latency is achievable with a high cost, low-power usage and huge portability.


NOLO nourishes positional tracking information when you look at the cellular working the information (be that cardboard, GearVR or Daydream) but demonstrably the using type acquiring that information is designed to help positional monitoring to make use of it. In all honesty you’ll find no cellular VR headsets with positional monitoring for that reason no software made to employ this. Consequently, business might easily offer an SDK allow developers to add help for NOLO VR within their programs and games. The company has generated a software commitment with KuDai tech for topic The dining table at War.

Appropriate] Headset ‘marker’, Base area and motion controllersSince our time utilizing system but along with a fundamental element of its re-branding there’s today an exceptional viewpoint on how to use its special purpose to people. An angle Lyrobotix is wanting at typically of a more inexpensive basic VR headset for experiencing SteamVR ideal games. NOLO needs to be able to connect with Riftcat’s VRidge, some bridging software built to broadcast realtime VR experiences rendered on a gaming computer system system towards headset (and relay reviews going back to it).


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Lyrobotix Merges Ultrasonic and Lighthouse-like Tech for Portable Positional VR Monitoring


In general this probably indicates a sensibly considerable compromise in supreme quality, with image information squeezed at resource and delivered over wireless networking into headset (recalling return commentary information through identical road). Thinking about you’ll likewise need usage of a VR-grade betting computer system becoming operate the experiences, I’m uncertain the price cost savings allowed by this method (you’ll nonetheless must retain the right mobile and headset having said that) should be definitely worth the compromise.


Nonetheless, LYRobotix’s fusion of onboard IMU information, Lighthouse-like tracking with one-base area) using the ultrasonic system is a good one we’re trying to see so much more of. Thank heavens the product probably will getting on system at next week’s CES that we’ll endeavour merely to you ought to another possess latest design.

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