Nissan Debuts World’s 1st Wearable 360° Dashcam

Nissan Debuts World’s 1st Wearable 360° Dashcam
July 14, 2017

Nissan has joined forces with 360-degree camera manufacturer 360fly to create the world’s first dual-purpose dashcam and action sports camera.


The JukeCam is a 4K, 360-degree camera. It fits into an integrated mount on the Nissan Juke’s dashboard, where it can operate as a dashcam. While plugged into the Juke it has an always-on recording mode, with an internal memory capacity of 64GB - good for three hours.

Remove it from the car and the 172g camera will attach to a helmet mount, allowing you to record yourself participating in whatever extreme sports take your fancy.


The JukeCam is dustproof, shockproof and is waterproof to around 10 metres depth and will record up to two hours of footage on battery power alone. It’s even compatible with VR tech, so it will function as a handy recording device for snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking and, apparently, pogo.

Nissan chose to publicise JukeCam by getting extreme pogo experts Xpogo - yes, it’s a real thing - to break a Guinness World Record for jumping over consecutive cars on a pogo stick. Stunt performer and Xpogo member Dalton Smith managed a new record of three.


We don’t have any prices or availability details for the JukeCam just yet.

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