New Tool Helps Journalists Publish Stories In 360

New Tool Helps Journalists Publish Stories In 360
April 6, 2017
Screenshot taken from Jan Verwoerd’s 360-degree journalism work ‘Petrolhead’


Virtual reality offers enormous potential for journalism.


VR allows to take readers inside the news stories like never before, and helps build empathy with others. However, designing a journalistic VR experience is still a complicated process that requires extensive programming knowledge.


A Slovenian startup called VIAR, is trying to solve this problem by offering a web-based tool.


Dubbed as Viar360, the new tool is aimed to help journalists design virtual reality and 360-degree video stories in an easy and convenient way.


“Most of the people think Virtual Reality experiences are incredibly difficult and complex to build, we want to change this idea by making the process as simple as creating a powerpoint presentation,” says Dejan Gajsek, Marketing Manager of VIAR.


“The idea behind Viar360 is to make it super easy to create a story and to have some more information, not just playing with a 360-degree video,” he adds.

According to Dejan, Viar360 is already used by around 13 universities from US, UK and Australia including North Caroline State University, Syracuse University.


Viar360 offers basic analytics tools and allows to embed the 360-degree VR content to most of the websites. The platform is free to use as an authoring tool but requires payment to publish and stream videos. Pricing varies, depending on the number of published stories.

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