New MacBook Pro: VR Capabilities With 5k Display?

New MacBook Pro: VR Capabilities With 5k Display?
October 2, 2016
Apple fans are anticipating the release of the newest MacBook Pro 2016 as it could bring a lot of interesting features to the product line.

One of the leading technology companies today, Apple recently unveiled details about what the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will bring. However, not much was said about the upcoming installment of the MacBook Pro series. With that, there is a lot of curiosity as to what the next model of the well-loved device will bring.
Some reports indicate that the new MacBook Pro will have a slimmer design, though the basic aesthetics of the laptop will be similar to the previous model. Meanwhile, a new Apple Pencil could be included, allowing for a new kind of user interface.
The MacBook Pro 2016 is also said to include four type-C USB ports and a power connector from MagSafe. Since the new device could also utilize the latest AMD Polaris graphics processor, there are speculations that Apple is gearing up the laptop for virtual reality.
With VR currently popular, the upcoming product from Apple is expected to appease the graphics needs of gamers. The graphics card could also include a 5K Thunderbolt display, which will boost the viewing experience.
The upcoming MacBook Pro will reportedly run on 8 GB RAM and contain a storage of 1 terabyte. It is said to utilize the new Mac OS Sierra, which will be powered by the latest Skylake processor. Many are also expecting to see Apple incorporate Siri into the device, which will bring an interesting innovation to the line.
Apple CEO Tim Cook teased that there is a lot in store for the product line. He said: "I love the Mac and we are very committed to it. Stay tuned."
However, there has yet to be any confirmed news on when the upcoming device will be released.

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