MSI To Reveal New Backpack VR One PC

MSI To Reveal New Backpack VR One PC
September 11, 2016

Needs to look more like a proton pack, I think...

MSI is doubling down on VR in a big way - the company is pushing its entire new range of Pascal-powered laptops as all VR ready, and it's doing the same with nearly everything else in its product range. A lot of the time, it's all a little... well, it's hype.

But MSI's VR One backpack PC is something well worth getting excited about. We saw the MSI VR One at Computex earlier this year, but its about to make a much bigger debut at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.

The VR One is a complete PC, built into a rather impressive back-mounted chassis for effectively tetherless VR experiences. With two hot-swappable battery packs, the system can handle one and half hours of full-specced VR play - and it only weighs 3.6kg. And the batteries are hot-swappable, and the system is designed to work just as well as a desktop machine.

Inside you can choose from a selection of HTX 10-series video cards, and overclocked CPU, and custom cooling to stop your back from melting.

Hopefully we'll soon have more idea of just what's inside the VR One, and what price-point MSI will be asking for, but already, it's an exciting concept.

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