Mozilla Launches A Browser For VR/AR Headsets

Mozilla Launches A Browser For VR/AR Headsets
April 3, 2018

Firefox maker Mozilla announced the launch of Firefox Reality, a new browser for augmented and virtual reality headsets Tuesday. The browser will make use of emerging mixed reality web standards to allow users to experience immersive games and experiences without the need to install apps custom-built for their specific headset.


“We believe that the future of the web will be heavily intertwined with virtual and augmented reality, and that future will live through browsers,” explained Mozilla’s chief R&D officer Sean White in a blog post. “The future of mixed reality is about delivering experiences, not about building applications. There shouldn’t be friction moving from one experience to another.”


White didn’t specify when Firefox Reality is going to be available to consumers, or which headsets Mozilla is exactly targeting with these efforts. However, the non-profit already shared a demo of Firefox Reality working on HTC’s standalone Vive Focus headset, and White promised support across a wide variety of devices.


“Other solutions for browsing and accessing the web on stand-alone headsets exist, but they are closed, and platform specific,” he wrote. “Firefox Reality will be independent and will work on a wide variety of devices and platforms.”


Firefox Reality is being developed as an open source project, and White said Tuesday that the browser would be built to respect its users’ privacy.


Mozilla has been working on VR and AR technologies for some time. Last fall, key employees of the social VR startup AltspaceVR joined the non-profit to build web-based social experiences for AR and VR headsets.

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