Microsoft’s Virtual Touchscreen Enhances MR

Microsoft’s Virtual Touchscreen Enhances MR
May 6, 2018

The HoloLens features the capability for a Tablet-like experience while in virtual reality, letting users swipe their fingers in the air to use the touchscreen


Microsoft continues to develop its HoloLens, mixed reality glasses that use a holographic computer to superimpose visual content on the world in front of the user. Now the company has outfitted the headgear with MRTouch, a VR touchscreen that provides a new way to interact with and view content.


Users have the ability to render content in the air with their fingertips, editing photos and 3-D images as they might on a computer software program. MRTouch can also launch apps that are accessed with touch input, allowing users to browse the internet while in virtual reality.

The HoloLens’ camera helps tracks users’ finger gestures while a “reflectivity map is also captured at 25 frames per second, and the data is fed to the tracker engine,” according to Digital Trends.

The touchscreen currently works on an “unmodified Microsoft HoloLens headset,”  enabling users to swipe their hands over a wall, acting similarly to how they would on a Tablet with multi-touch gestures. While the website reports MRTouch is not on the market and it is unknown whether it ever will be, the technology showcases potential future designs and integrations for mixed and virtual reality experiences.

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