Microsoft Reveals Dell And Asus Windows MR Headsets

Microsoft Reveals Dell And Asus Windows MR Headsets
June 1, 2017

Microsoft is unveiling more of its range of Windows Mixed Reality headsets at Computex today. After revealing that Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo will all create headsets, Microsoft is providing a little more detail about the Dell, Asus, and Lenovo devices today. Dell is creating a white headset, designed by the company’s XPS and Alienware teams, that will be available at an “affordable” price point this holiday. Dell’s headset includes a weight balanced headband, replaceable cushions, cable routing, and a flip-up visor.


Asus’ Windows Mixed Reality headset looks like the most unique out of all the devices announced so far. Asus has added a polygonal 3D cover panel to the front, alongside six degrees of freedom tracking. Microsoft doesn’t mention whether Asus’ headset will be available later this year, so it’s possible it might not arrive until 2018.

Lenovo is also creating its own Mixed Reality headset that Microsoft describes as “incredibly affordable” without providing exact pricing. Lenovo’s headset includes built-in sensors for inside-out tracking, and a rather basic design. Lenovo’s headset will also debut later this year, alongside others from Acer, HP, and Dell.

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