Matterport Brings Its VR Spaces To iPhones

Matterport Brings Its VR Spaces To iPhones
January 20, 2017

You can now visit celebrity homes and tourist locations through Matterport's VR app for iOS.


iPhone users who love exploring the world from the comfort of their couches have a new app to download: Matterport. The Google Street View rival has brought its virtual reality tours of various real-world locations tothe iPhone. Matterport originally offered 3D views of everything from popular travel destinations to celebrity homes and historic places like the very first Boeing 737. It started going into VR late last year, though, and even launched a platform called CoreVR that makes it easy for content creators to turn their Street View-like shots into virtual reality experiences.


The company has converted 150 or so 3D spaces (out of around 250,000) into VR, thus far, which you can access through its iOS, Gear VR and Cardboard apps. It also promises to keep converting and adding the rest of its 3D spaces. Take note that the app will only work if you have an iPhone 5s or one of the device's newer iterations, and only if it's running iOS 9.1 and higher. In case you're a business owner looking to show off your place place in VR, though, you'll also need Matterport's $4,500 camera in addition to a new-ish iPhone.

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