Mattel's View Master VR Available For $30

Mattel's View Master VR Available For $30
January 8, 2017

It’s been a good 8 months considering that we learned of Google as well as Mattel’s plans to release a retooled variation of their popular View-Master and it resembles it’s lastly shown up. Selling for $30, the all new View-Master Virtual Fact customer introduces the toy to an entire brand-new generation of kids, this moment with immersive VR being the focus.

Before you get also thrilled, Oculus Rift this isn’t really. The View-Master VR is basically a more durable variation of those Google Cardboard headsets everybody has actually been offering away free of cost this year. Due to the fact that it’s made with plastic, the headset can take a beating as well as be cleansed for a more sanitary online fact experience. The headset deals with a lot of popular mobile phones and also in addition to totally free View-Master trial material, there are additionally ‘Experience Loads’ developed to resemble those card reels from the olden days. When put on a table, the cards will certainly display augmented truth menus by means of companion applications where the user can then introduce full 360-degree VR content.


Even without the See Packs, the View-Master operates great with already existing Google Cardboard suitable apps/games so there’s an excellent opportunity you’ll consistently have something to experiment with. The brand-new View-Master VR is available from Amazon, Target, Walmart as well as other sellers for $30 along with Locations, Wild animals, and also Room Experiences loads for $15 each.

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