Mastercard's Smart Mirror Makes Us Spend More

Mastercard's Smart Mirror Makes Us Spend More
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One in the eye: Mastercard says the new concept is akin to having a personal shopper in every store.


Mastercard has developed a digital smart mirror that enables shoppers to pay for goods without needing to queue.


The new concept, says Mastercard, is already in use with retailers including Levi’s in the US and it says it is set to arrive in the UK soon.


The interactive touch-screen OAK mirror allows shoppers to change lightning, language, view and request different sizes and colours as well as asking for specific items to be brought to the room via a ’request button’ on the mirror. The mirror can be synchronised with a store’s clothing catalogue and inventory system to offer intelligent product recommendations around the shopper’s choice.


Shoppers who want to pay without queuing can use Masterpass or a dedicated mobile app app. The smart mirror also allows clientele to avoid the checkout process altogether by paying seamlessly and instantly using Masterpass on the mirror or via the dedicated Masterpass app.


The mirror uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology embedded in clothing tags to recognise products as they enter the room, creating a virtual shopping basket for customers.


Retailers can receive and respond to fitting room requests from anywhere in the store, view fitting room occupancy at a glance, check inventory and availability and gather product feedback.


Most shopping continues to take place in physical stores and despite the rise in online shopping, MasterCard says that consumers still like trying on clothes in the store. But, it says, long dressing room and check-out lines are tending to drive consumers away. It says the smart mirror will bring in-store shopping into 2018, making it a more enjoyable and personalised experience.


“Augmented and virtual reality is transforming how we shop. And while the popularity of online shopping is challenging high streets, these technologies allow retailers to fight back by giving the public the digital convenience they demand," says Mike Cowen, head of digital payments at Mastercard UK.


"We are working closely with these brands to deliver new and safer ways to pay to provide a more personal and speedy experience for shoppers."

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