Manus VR - Physics Interaction Preview

Manus VR - Physics Interaction Preview
July 3, 2017
The Manus VR Data Gloves are coming this month, so here’s a brief preview video.


Manus VR are due to ship the long awaited Data Gloves later this month, and ahead of the official launch of the development kit has released a new video showcasing the latest iteration in use. Specifically showcasing physical interaction, the video makes use of Manus VR’s own in-house physics demo, designed for rapid prototyping and testing.


The Manus VR Data Gloves pre-orders began back in March 2017, so it will come as a pleasant confirmation to many that the devices will begin shipping later this month. In fact, Manus VR has revealed that the Data Gloves are in production and scheduled to ship for the week commencing 24th July 2017.


“We wanted to give our customers a small taste of future features that will become available for the Manus VR Development Kit,” stated Bob Vlemmix, Director of Business Development at Manus VR.


The new video, included below, showcases the Data Gloves within Manus VR’s own demo environment.

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