Magic Hour Is A New VR Photography Simulator

Magic Hour Is A New VR Photography Simulator
December 23, 2016

London-based design studio Wolf in Motion has launched Magic Hour, a new VR experience that lets you do advanced photography in a virtual world.

Inside the hand-crafted digital playground, you’re equipped with a virtual camera that has features similar to what you’ll find in a high-end camera in a real world. You can adjust shutter speed, aperture, focal length, ISO, and white balance, as well as use various shooting modes (e.g. A, S, M).

The developers aimed to recreate the physics of a real camera or lens, but the fact that it’s a VR simulation means you can use combinations that aren’t available to photographers in the real world (e.g. a 6-150mm f/1.4 lens).


Here are some sample photos shot inside Magic Hour:

Here’s a short video showing what the simulation is like:

“While professional and amateur photographers will have fun experimenting in ways they have never been able to with a physical camera, newcomers will be able to learn the technical aspects of photography through a rewarding interactive experience,” the developers say.


Magic Hour is currently available in early access for about $3.50 over on Steam. You’ll need an HTC Vive VR headset to enjoy the simulation.

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