The Leica BLK 360 Scans The World In 3D

The Leica BLK 360 Scans The World In 3D


The Leica BLK 360 is a new compact and user friendly LIDAR scanner. It combines 360 photography and laser data to rapidly create a 3D point cloud of the real world.


That point cloud can be used to generate an infinite amount of measurements and it can be turned into a 3D model for Cine Design and game engines, virtual reality, or augmented reality. In this video I breakdown the basics of LIDAR tech and demo scanning my studio with the Leica BLK 360 and Autodesk ReCap Pro Mobile.


We take 5 different scans and register (combine) them in real time using an Apple iPad Pro. We then import the LIDAR scans into ReCap Pro on the desktop and generate an accurately scaled floor plan and a few elevation views. We finish up by creating a 3D model and looking at it in Cinema 4D with Redshift (GPU Rendering) and Cine Designer (Film Industry Previs Plugin).

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