Leap Motion Table Tennis in Augmented Reality

Leap Motion Table Tennis in Augmented Reality

Short video from Leap Motion demonstrating their open source Project North Star AR development platform can be used to develop interactive games:

With this demo, we have the magic of Leap Motion hand tracking combined with a handheld paddle controller. The virtual ball soars through the air and bounces on the real table. And, of course, an AI opponent to challenge you.

While augmented reality table tennis is a lot of fun, it also demonstrates a key concept that’s largely unexplored in mixed reality right now – artificial skills training for real-world scenarios. In VR, we can shape the experience to optimize learning a task or behavior. AR elevates this potential with familiar real-world environments, allowing us to contextualize learned skills. By overlaying virtual indicators and heuristics onto the user’s view, we can even help them develop a deeper intuition of the system.

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