Kodak Expands VR Line With Orbit 360 4K Cam

Kodak Expands VR Line With Orbit 360 4K Cam
February 19, 2017
Kodak Orbit 360 4K virtual reality camera


Further expansion of the highly regarded 360° VR Camera category within the 2017 Kodak Pixpro lineup is proof of JK Imaging’s commitment to video enthusiasts worldwide. The expanded line includes the addition of a third 360° Virtual Reality camera to their popular Pixpro lineup, joining the award-winning Kodak SP360 4K that has been embraced by creative visionaries and content creators worldwide.


The Kodak Orbit 360 4K camera will enter the market with a retail price of $499 and will follow the existing Kodak Pixpro 360° models with optional bundles that include valuable accessories and complimentary Pixpro software for editing and stitching on Mac and PC’s. All Kodak 360° Virtual Reality camera models are YouTube compatible for 360° interactive videos and Facebook compatible for 360° photos and videos.


The new Orbit 360 4K action camera is aimed at passionate consumers looking to capture their adventures, travel and special moments with 360° video and photos to broaden their options when it comes to capturing memories and sharing them on the go.

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