KAT Walk Brings VR Gaming One Step Forward

KAT Walk Brings VR Gaming One Step Forward

Virtual Reality fever seems to come and go lately but being always present. Are you wondering what is really happening behind the scene? If you are a VR believer today's viral news will brings you some hope about the future of this revolutionary gaming technology. We are going to talk about the KAT Walk, an astounding full immersive virtual reality locomotion device! 


Developed by KATVR company the KAT Walk Omni-Directional treadmill has gone mainstream just in the last gew ours after redditor RAMMYwastaken posted a brief gif showing the potential of the device that captured the attention of a vast group of gamers. What is really surprising is the fact that the KAT Walk it isn't even a new entry in the worl of VR peripherals as the project has been around for 2 years, successfully founded on KickStarter in August 2015. 

What makes the KAT Walk impressive? First of all its simple design allow gamers to move around in the virtual world with really low contrains with arms and legs free and a natural walking feeling thanks to the costant force of rolling friction provided by the treadmill itself.
The KAT walk main strenght is surely its versatility that let the player easily run, jump, crouch, walking backwards, perform fighting moves and even sitting comfortably! 


A wonderful device that deserve much more attention by the gaming community for sure considering its overall quality and a reasonable price of $599. If you are already an Oculus Rift owner and want to finally step into the VR world for real that's what you were looking for gamers!

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