iPhone To Save Mobile AR From Facebook, Snapchat

iPhone To Save Mobile AR From Facebook, Snapchat
May 5, 2017

Facebook and Snapchat have big ambitions around mobile augmented reality, but Apple might be the company that makes it actually useful.


Augmented reality is becoming very real, as Facebook and Snapchat have both made recent developments in mobile AR. But could Apple out-do them both with next iPhone?


In this week’s episode of The iPhone Show, we shine the spotlight on Apple’s AR ambitions after Facebook announced it was launching the AR Studio developer platform and Snapchat debuted augmented reality lenses to put 3D objects in the real world.


But could Apple help save AR from becoming simply a digital Halloween costume shop? Watch the video above to see how the iPhone 8 might integrate augmented reality in a way that’s more useful to our everyday lives. 


What do you think of Apple’s plan for mobile AR? What type of augmented reality experiences would you like to see on the iPhone 8? Or would you be satisfied with 3D masks? Let us know by commenting on Macworld’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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