iOS 10 Designed for Apple’s AR Technology?

iOS 10 Designed for Apple’s AR Technology?
September 18, 2016
Apple CEO Tim Cook has been constantly discussing about augmented reality sorts of in almost any of his interview. Speculations about Apple pushing on AR products exacerbated when the company hired two workers from Magic Leap and Oculus. Does Cook hinted about the upcoming AR/VR headset? Could it be that Apple has long been working on AR technology since iOS 9?

The tweets of an iOS app developer Steven Troughton-Smith revealed about the inclusion of "HeadMountedDisplayRenderingTechnique" which signified that iOS 10 is designed for an augmented reality technology. He also suggested should leave VR to others (Hololens to Microsoft) and focus on what they are working on - augmented reality computer. According to Steve, iOS 10 is laying the path for the future AR products.
These tweets can be proven true most especially when Apple CEO Tim Cook has started talking about AR in almost of his interviews. In an interview with Mac Rumors, Cook emphasized that AR is bigger than VR for it makes one feel anyone's presence even if that someone is miles away. He added that once AR becomes mainstream, people would become less interested with VR - leaving them to an ancient world with the apes.
Furthermore, Apple hired Zeyu Li (Magic Leap's principal computer vision engineer) and Yury Petrov (Oculus research scientist) to secretly work on the long rumored Apple augmented reality products which include headsets and cars. The hiring of these two is a manifestation of Cook's statement that Apple would be high on AR in the long run and they are going to invest a lot on it.
With Apple's interest on augmented reality technology, many are wondering what would be the outcome. Are they going to be look like PlayStation 4 Pro or feels like Xbox One? Or if they couldn't be anything like the recent products, they are for sure going to be the great so far when it comes to AR technology.

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