Interior Design App Adds VR Feature

Interior Design App Adds VR Feature
August 3, 2017

Planner 5D has integrated virtual reality (VR) as an enhanced feature to make interior design more exciting for its users.


The interior design platform, which attracts 100 000 users daily, has amassed a community of over 18 million users. Planner 5D users can utilise the online tool or app to create detailed home plans, décor details and modern interior designs like a professional.


In a statement, the company says the VR option, currently available on Android, gives users an opportunity to see how the designed house will look.


"After downloading the app and creating a project, users put on VR goggles, turn virtual reality mode on and can ‘step into' their new house. Virtual reality allows people to really feel what their dream home would look like."


Planner 5D says it plans to introduce other virtual reality features like artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR).



"When it comes to interior design, in the near future virtual reality will be closely connected with AI to create life-like user experiences. With the help of AI, users' wishes will be guessed before they even think about a solution, and reflected through virtual reality goggles."


According to Planner 5D, its AR app will automatically recognise walls, furniture and house design models created with the app by using image recognition technology.


"The AR app would also create a 3D model of the house from a simple photo. A user would only need to snap a photo with their smartphone, which would be sent directly to a server, resulting in a 3D model of the house," notes the statement.

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