Inside The Intel Hades Canyon NUC

Inside The Intel Hades Canyon NUC
March 21, 2018

Back in early November 2017, Intel and AMD shocked the world by announcing their partnershipthat led to the birth of 8th Gen Core processor with built-in Radeon RX Vega M graphics which was eventually announced at CES 2018. Among the first device to be equipped with the chip is Intel’s own Hades Canyon NUC mini-PC which is claimed to be powerful enough for virtual reality application.


Three months have passed since that took place and there was no further update regarding the device from Intel. This is despite the fact that a Korean hardware and gaming site Playwares has published a review (no longer online at the moment) of the NUC kit based on an engineering sample unit.

Closer look at the heart of the Intel Hades Canyon NUC: the 8th Gen Intel Core processor with AMD Radeon Vega M graphics.


However, Intel broke the silence earlier this week by publishing a photo that depicts the kit’s motherboard. While this is not the first time that the contents of the upcoming NUC have appeared online since it was also included in Playwares’ review, this is the first time that Intel itself released such photo to the public.


There is one thing that seemed rather odd regarding the photo though: why there is an Apple keyboard pictured next to it? While Intel does supply processors to Apple for its Mac products but NUC is certainly not part of the deal which is why the appearance of the keyboard in the image intrigues us.

Hello there, Apple keyboard. What you doing here?


Meanwhile, the Intel Hades Canyon NUC kit which is also referred to as Intel NUC 8 VR machine is scheduled for release in Q2 2018. The company has yet to reveal the official price tag for the new mini-PC but initial information suggests that it might start from around USD 799 (about RM 3,135) onwards.

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