iMac 2016 Is Expected To Have VR Compatibility

iMac 2016 Is Expected To Have VR Compatibility
September 6, 2016
iMac 2016 News: Apple to Release Update This October With Virtual Reality, Kaby Lake Processor?

Many have been curious about Apple's release of an updated version of iMac 2016. Some have speculated that the device may arrive just in time for the holidays since the new generation iPhone is to be launched this month. According to Mac World, Apple has last updated its iMac on October 2015, so it might be possible that it will be updated again this October.

Apple Inc., as reported by Mac World, has three major press events annually: Autumn- usually in September (new iPhones and iPads); spring - typically in March (new iPhones and iPads, at times MacBook and watches); summer - normally in June (WWDC-operating system updates, and occasional hardware).

Moreover, the iMac 2016 is expected to perform faster as it is speculated to be furnished with options for new chips from Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD). In addition, the desktop might be housing Intel's Kaby Lake processor along with AMD Polaris graphics chips.

According to sources, the Polaris chips offer better-quality graphic performances compared to previous generations and potential reductions in both power consumption and waste heat. Compared to 28nm AMD's earlier chips, the Polaris chips are built using a 16nm or 14nm Fin Field Effect (FinFET) production which only means that the chip maker can fit more transistors in a given space and because the transistors are close together, less power is required to move a signal through them.

Apple's existing iMac line-up features AMD Radeon graphics chipsets as needed in the 27-inch models, while the 21-inch models come with integrated Intel Iris Pro 6200 graphics.

The past iMac versions are mainly unfeasible for VR, but this iMac 2016 is expected to have virtual reality compatibility.

The iMac is rumored to start a price of $1,099 for the 21-inch 1080p version, and goes up to $4099 for the 5k version with the highest spec configuration.

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