I Tried To Work Inside Windows Mixed Reality

I Tried To Work Inside Windows Mixed Reality
December 1, 2017

Hi all,


The title says it all. I put on my Lenovo Explorer and tried to find out how well you can work in Windows Mixed Reality / The Cliff House.


Here is what I think:

Text is very readable. The higher resolution does help and I am not even using the Odyssey. I think it is great that I can open my 2D Desktop within VR and resize it to any size I wanted to. Would I actually prefer it over my 4k screen in reality? Absolutely not. But I believe for people who are visually impaired, it might be a fantastic solution to look at huge virtual screens!


I also like that you could run Windows applications directly within VR and place them however you want. I built a little workstation that has 6 different windows placed around me. Gmail, Twitter, To-Do, Crypto Charts, Browser and a note taking app. Just glancing around to get information is very cool. For people who love to multitask, this might be awesome. Stock brokers!


Overall, I see lots of potential here, especially once the resolutions get to a point where there is not more SDE visible. And for people who have problems with their eyesight, this might be interesting as well, now already.

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