How Tech Is Driving The Video Game Industry

How Tech Is Driving The Video Game Industry
May 18, 2018

There are few industries as closely linked to the latest technological advances as video gaming is. Thanks to recent advances, many of the latest new games are incredibly life-like and absorbing in a way that they have never been before.


Yet, the way that technology is driving the video gaming industry goes deeper than this. There are some changes to gaming that go far beyond the noticeable improvements in the graphics and sound of popular games.


Virtual Reality Games Will Be the Next Big Thing

It seems to have been an age since we were told virtual reality games are going to change the world. If you haven’t heard much about them since then, it doesn’t mean that they have gone away. Things may have gone a bit quiet but VR gaming is still tipped to be a huge deal before too long.


A lot of work is being done to make the technology used in these games more impressive. For example, the Disney Research team has created a virtual reality jacket that simulates a range of sensations. While adoption rates for VR have been slower than expected, games such as Doom VR and The Climb have received positive reviews in recent times.


Interestingly, the technology behind VR is now seen as being useful in far more ways than just gaming. It has also been suggested that it could be used in areas such as therapy, surgery and even education in the future.

Igaming Has Changed Beyond Recognition


The recent boom in video slots has seen many new players attracted to this way of playing. This is partly down to the way that new technology has been used to revolutionise the gaming experience. The days of slots being simple affairs filled with fruit symbols are long gone.


Now, they are dynamic, immersive games. Many of them have 3D graphics and animated sequences that bring them closer to the feel of arcade games than casino games. It is also worth noting that technology such as improved random number generators now makes slots fairer and transparent than ever before.


The wider appeal of slots can be seen in the diverse range of titles now available. For example, William Hill hosts slots such as Count Duckula, Monopoly Mega Movers, The Naked Gun, and Andy Capp. Pop culture is a heavy influence in this world, bringing newer themes to the world on a regular basis – we can expect this diversity to grow even more with the growing interest in virtual and augmented reality.


Decentralised Gaming Platforms Coming Soon

There is no doubt that decentralised platforms are hot news right now. These are systems that use blockchain technology to introduce peer to peer dealing into many different aspects of life. Right now, there are projects underway to create platforms of this type that deal with issues as varied as energy supply, education and travel booking.


Video gaming isn’t being left behind in this move towards cutting edge technology. Gaming platforms that are being worked on right now include Flux and Bountie. We can expect more projects of this type to appear in the future, as developers and entrepreneurs find new ways of combining the latest technology with gaming ideas.


These are sure to be exciting times ahead for the video gaming industry. With technology improving at a heady rate it seems just a matter of time before the next thrilling breakthroughs appear.

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