The HoloLens Changed Our View Of The World

The HoloLens Changed Our View Of The World
September 3, 2016

Excited is Florian Haspinger to an empty table, as would be a Sensation. The other people in the room see only a barren piece of furniture, but in the eyes of the Start-up founder, the whole solar system is based on a table. The views of this additional, virtual reality in the real environment allows the HoloLens from Microsoft, the Haspinger on the head.

This cyber glasses can project holograms, Multimedia content or information in the field of view. Your carrier is not immersed so completely in the virtual reality (VR), instead, he experienced an expanded reality – just like the “Terminator” in the sci-Fi classic that got by Augmented Reality (AR) information about its environment appear.

Florian Haspinger works, of course, not to the world domination of robots, but of possible applications for the glasses from Microsoft. Haspinger is one of the First in Europe that has a HoloLens and convinced: “This is the future.” But like the look of can? “Computer Bild” has the 3000 Dollar developer version a try.

Without any cable and PC

Who puts on the glasses, sees a two – or three-dimensional projections. Depending on the application, the attack can be a funny robot, a brand new car or the solar system.

n contrast to the previously usual VR do not need to dock glasses the HoloLens by cable to a potent PC – instead, the entire technology is concealed in the compact frame. The word “compact” in the eye of the beholder: With 580 grams of the HoloLens is not a lightweight.

But because of the high weight is distributed thanks to the extra head bands evenly, are longer explorations of the AR possible. At the latest after two to three hours it will stop, because then the battery needs fresh juice.

Wireless AR-freedom

In front of the forehead, a Mini-PC in the glasses frame that directs the AR content to two small Displays sitting. Which, in turn, transmit the image to four lenses, projecting it on both eye. This compact design you wish for VR-headsets – without the “umbilical cord” to a PC and further clutter the experience much more intense, the boundaries between reality and Illusion in the field of view to blur quickly.

Florian Haspinger has now made intensively me all the Details of the Microsoft glasses familiar, “but for a complete understanding of the PhD in physics is probably necessary,” says the trained physicist. In Parts of the technology, by the way, on patents of the former mobile phone giant Nokia, whose mobile phone division to Microsoft five years ago bought.

Videos conquer the wall

The HoloLens at the Windows 10-based, brings a clear advantage: “When Apps run there, it will also work on the glasses,” explains Haspinger. Then, however, not as an elaborately programmed 3-D image, instead, the Illusion stick like a Poster on the wall.
The first practice test showed the enormous potential of the HoloLens: Look of the user, for example, a YouTube Video and want to see it bigger, he can enlarge it with the matching head and finger movements – so it takes the viewer like a Video on a big screen to be true. He fixed the image in this way, it remains even during rapid head movements in the same place.

So far, the control options are modest – in addition to the virtual right-click, the increases in the example image, there are only a hand movement to Open the menus, and the confirmation by head movement.

High-End glasses with weaknesses

Another weak point is the developer version of your limited field of view – it corresponds approximately to the views of a 55-inch television from two metres distance. If the HoloLens comes to market, it needs, in any case, a larger projection surface for enhanced reality.

Getting used to the slightly pale colors, and transparent objects are also, especially in bright ambient light. Moreover, some users perceive during fast head movements distracting rainbow effects.

Flawless the display quality, the two Full-HD Displays provide a sharp picture of it right now. Grid of pixels or individual pixels are not visible at the high density of 40 pixels per inch to a Full HD TV with 55-inch has the same pixel density.

A long path to market maturity

Whether as an entertainment medium, extra eye in medicine or as a virtual Cockpit at connected car – the HoloLens has enormous potential. Especially since the tested Apps are running now with up to 60 images per second predominantly liquid and therefore does not cause Nausea.

To market but it’s still a long way to go. Only if Microsoft offers a lighter model with a larger field of view at an affordable price, the HoloLens the future.

The HoloLens works

At the height of the forehead, a small Computer sits in the HoloLens. He has a Intel Atom processor 1.04 GHz clock frequency, two gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage space, and is therefore a newcomer on the Tablet comparable to. That, nevertheless, no stuttering or delays that are visible, is also due to the Software on the HoloLens runs on Windows 10.

Behind the tinted plastic visor with four lenses sit. This glass cover with Blue, Red and Green each of the primary colors, the fourth takes on the appearance of the grayscale. When you look through the lens the entire color palette is so visible.

Thus, a hologram appears in the field-of-view, to transfer two small Full-HD display the image content on the lenses. So the picture remains sharp, the field of view is pretty small. In addition, the colors should be up to the market start strong.

The HoloLens detects the Position of the user and his movements so fast that no delays occur. Ensure in addition to the Smartphone known position sensors, five cameras. The forehead camera is missing the space and determine the possible depth of the work. The four outer cameras to film the environment and help the user with orientation in the room. A Two-Megapixel camera, the Signal transmits in real time on the Computer or records it.

Operation, speakers and batteries

Next to the power button on the back of each of the two buttons sit in the two sides. On the left of the brightness rules, the right to adjust the volume level. The detour via the menu.

Using the rotary Knob on the back of the head holder, the user can adjust the HoloLens of his head shape. For extra Hold an Extra head-band. This is important, because in case of bad Seating of the portion of the image is reduced significantly.

Over the ears the two speakers. Not to lie directly, but are open towards the bottom. Thus, a spatial acoustics and good sound, which enhance the AR-effect, depending on the Position. From the outside, the sounds are barely audible.

Behind the speakers, small batteries to sit on both sides. They allow wireless operation of two to three hours. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are activated, shortens the duration. Thanks to the microUSB connection of the battery packs can increase endurance significantly.

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