HoloLens And Virtual Quantum Entanglement

HoloLens And Virtual Quantum Entanglement
February 4, 2017
Darth Vaders holoprojection chamber


Physicist Michio Kaku recently predicted that a teleportation device similar to those in Star Trek would be invented within 100 years. Teleportation is likely to be achieved through “quantum entanglement”, according to Dr. Kaku, a property that allows connections to be formed, and information transmitted, between particles in disparate locations.


We at Wavelength LLC, a company focused on holographic experiences, believe we can achieve something similar, we term “holoprojection”, today. Using a Kinect depth sensing camera in conjunction with a HoloLens Head Mounted Display (HMD) we are testing the waters of holoprojection. In our case the human body is not transported somewhere else rather a visible copy is projected into another physical space.

This projected copy can be a recreation of what the person actually looks like in real life or it can take on the form of any character of their choosing often depending on the context of the space they will occupy.

Supreme Leader Snoke projects himself as a hologram from a hidden, mobile base in The Force Awakens.


For example Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars-The Force Awakens projects himself as a hologram from a hidden, mobile base. In the image above he is terrifyingly huge but is that how large his physical form is? Probably not, he probably intends to intimidate those he communicates with.


While an admittedly fictional example it does illustrate how a person can choose to project themselves depending on the situation. If I am visiting family I likely would want to be recognizable (minus a few extra pounds) to them as a hologram however if I am remotely home tutoring a student on American history then a holographic Ben Franklin might be more in order.


Watch this blog and our site http://wavelength.space for information on how we will use this technology in 2017 in business, education, entertainment and more. If you have a HoloLens grab the code here.

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