Holographic Tattoos Crawl On Your Skin In 3D

Holographic Tattoos Crawl On Your Skin In 3D
July 15, 2017
Holotats merge the fun of augmented reality with temporary tattoos, having them appear to move on someone's body.


Augmented reality meets body art with Holotats, temporary tattoos that appear to move with the help of an AR app.


The holographic tattoos are applied the same way as a standard temporary tattoo: a person puts one wherever they want it on their body, adds a little water and removes the backing after a few minutes. From here, the tattoos get a little different. A free app allows the wearer to scan the tattoos with a smartphone camera. The app screen will show the tattoos in motion for a ‘coming alive’ effect.


The tattoos can be purchased on Amazon for $6, making them a fun activity to have at a children’s birthday party or to share with friends.

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