Here’s Where To Buy A HoloLens Device From

Here’s Where To Buy A HoloLens Device From
August 16, 2017

There are currently only two places where you can buy a HoloLens kit from: Amazon and Microsoft’s Store. Before you hit the buy button, it is worth mentioning that you’ll be getting the HoloLens Development Edition.


As its name suggests, the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition is for developers only. To make things clear, if you’re not a developer, this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy it. Anyone is free to purchase a HoloLens developer device.


Where to buy the HoloLens headset from


Buy HoloLens from Microsoft’s online store


Microsoft HoloLens dev kit is available for $3,000 on the company’s online store. Keep in mind that sales are final and non-refundable, meaning that you can’t go back once you agree to pay. Also, the product has no warranties and is not intended for use by children under 13.


Buy HoloLens from Amazon


You can also purchase the HoloLens dev kit from Amazon. However, the price tag is not the same. More specifically, the HoloLens costs $3,717 on Amazon. The package features the exact same components as the one from Microsoft’s Store.


What users say about HoloLens


Unsurprisingly, 99.9% of HoloLens users confirm that this device is a beast and it does what it promises. HoloLens generates jaw dropping holograms and it works exactly as shown in Microsoft’s videos.


Rumors suggest that HoloLens’ successor will arrive in 2019, three years after the Redmond giant started shipping the headset to developers. The device is expected to come with a $1,000 price tag, and it should be available in Microsoft’s retail stores as well.


The HoloLens is not a cheap device, that’s for sure. Indeed, there are other VR headsets that are much cheaper than Microsoft’s creation. Tech giants such as HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus and Dell are already shipping $299 VR headsets to Microsoft’s Store. These devices are compatible with the Windows 10 Creators Update. 


However, you still can’t buy anything quite like HoloLens.

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