HaptX Virtual Reality Glove Haptic Wearable

HaptX Virtual Reality Glove Haptic Wearable
November 21, 2017

Taking virtual reality immersion to another level the HaptX virtual reality glove has been designed to provide a way of sensing and touching in virtual reality environments. The HaptX replace your VR controllers providing a wearable glove created to make your virtual hands feel just like real ones.


Watch the demonstration video below to learn more. The HaptX virtual reality glove allow you to feel objects in virtual reality and know whether they are hard or soft and prevent your hands going through virtual objects offering a sensitivity displacement of up to 2 mm which is much higher than any other virtual reality gloves currently on the market. HaptX CEO and co-founder Jake Rubin explains more :

These are basically tiny little haptic pixels. And by changing their pressure over time, very quickly, we can create any sensation in your skin.


HaptX Gloves are the world’s first industrial-grade haptic wearable. It’s the only glove to deliver high-fidelity tactile feedback and up to five pounds of force feedback per finger. HaptX Glove’s sub-millimeter accuracy makes it the most precise motion-tracked glove and enables enterprise users to achieve unprecedented realism and productivity in virtual environments.


Unfortunately, no information on consumer pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet for the HaptX virtual reality glove.

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