Groove Jones Developing Content For Magic Leap

Groove Jones Developing Content For Magic Leap
April 3, 2018

Groove Jones is working on content for the Magic Leap One and has announced new version of its AR Object toolkit.


Virtual reality (VR) studio Groove Jones has previously worked with a number of companies and brands to produce 360-degree videos and VR content for both entertainment and promotional purposes. The company has now announced that it is working with Magic Leap as an Early Access Developer.


Magic Leap have raised over $4 billion (USD) in funding for the development of a set of augmented reality (AR) glasses that use Lightfield technology to create a seamless transition between the real and virtual. While the company have been cagey about its products, they have announced that Early Access partners are in the process of getting hold of the Magic Leap One development version.

Groove Jones are one of the first companies to confirm they are working on developing for the hardware, and the news comes after Unity and Unreal Engine both confirmed that they were working on compatible versions of the respective engines for the Magic Leap One.


On its website, Groove Jones said that the Magic Leap One features a ‘robust sensor suite’ and that the hardware is capable of detecting surfaces, planes and objects, allowing for the real-world surroundings to be accurately mapped for integration into a virtual overlay. It is not currently known what types of content Groove Jones are working on for the hardware.


Groove Jones also announced the release of an updated version of its GrooveTech AR Object toolkit. The toolkit is designed for retailers, aiming to provide a competitive advantage by offering the ability for companies to places photo-realistic models of its products into any environment.


The new version of the toolkit allows for products to be rendered in highly realistic detail, using dynamic lighting to match the real environment. Tools allow users to place any object into any environment and customise various options such as colour, fabric or size. The GrooveTech AR Object Toolkit also now works with both Apple ARKit or Android ARCore.

Further information on the GrooveTech AR Object Toolkit can be found on the Groove Jones website.

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