Google: Phone Packaging To Serve As VR Headset

Google: Phone Packaging To Serve As VR Headset
March 19, 2017

Google has already put millions of its low-end Cardboard virtual reality headsets in people's hands, and the company is clearly interested in ensuring that even more people use its VR systems. That's why it developed the mobile Daydream VR platform, which is integrated into the latest version of Android, and its own Daydream View headset. But it may want to take a more direct approach.


patent filed last month, and just discovered by TechRadar, suggests that Google has developed mobile phone packaging that actually doubles as a VR headset. To be sure, this would be a low-end, Cardboard-like, headset. Still, if all someone had to do to try out VR was pop their brand-new phone into the very packaging it came in, it's easy to imagine quite a number of people doing just that.

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