Gionee VR Headset Works With All Smartphones

Gionee VR Headset Works With All Smartphones
November 28, 2016

Gionee VR headset provides a 360-degree view of the virtual world that would otherwise look like a plain screen on a smartphone.


Virtual Reality is one of the most talked about phenomenon of the year, but we are yet to see the affordable versions that run with smartphones.VR creates a three-dimensional environment allowing users to experience the visuals as if they are a part of it.


Chinese phone maker Gionee has joined the VR bandwagon and come up with a VR headset. Priced at Rs 2,499, the headset was launched along with the S6 Pro (Rs 23,999) but works with all smartphones with similar dimensions as the Gionee smartphone.


Gionee VR headset provides a 360-degree view of the virtual world that would otherwise look like a plain screen on a smartphone.


Solidly built but a bit hefty


Built from a good quality plastic, the Gionee VR is one of the best designed VR headsets we have seen at the price point. It is a bit hefty, which makes wearing it for a long time a bit difficult.


It comes with an adjustable strap which holds the headset firmly over the head and two on-the-ear earphones for audio output. The ear cups are adjustable so everyone can use it.


The ear cups and the interior of the headset that would rest in your nose and the face have been cushioned with a soft padding.


The helmet comes with a set of control options buttons on the body and is easily accessible even when you are wearing the headset.


There is a scroll at the top of the headset for adjusting the position of the lenses, while the two metal knobs on the side panel can increase/decrease depth of field. For changing volume levels, there is a scroll at the base.


Gionee has made a separate case for putting the smartphone into the VR headset where it is connected to the VR with the 3.5mm jack. Placed on front panel the case holds the phone firmly and doesn’t graze against the phone’s screen as some VR headsets tend to do.


Easy to use


The VR headset is very easy to use and set up. It doesn’t require any charging so you can use it anytime and anywhere (you can move around wearing it). All you have to do is keep you phone adequately charged.


You have to play the content on the phone manually before you put the smartphone in the VR case. Though Gionee has added a few control options within the headset that works by holding the circular icon (that you see when you are wearing the headset) on the object you want to open or exit. It is quite accurate but doesn’t work with every VR app.


Once the content is playing, the VR headset throws opens a huge virtual screen where a user can actually explore the world by looking sideways, up or back. Gionee has added a few VR videos and games in the S6 Pro that work with the VR headset .


You can’t really use it for long as it makes you feel a bit dizzy and heats up the phone considerably.




Gionee VR headset is a more refined VR headset compared to a Google Cardboard and Lenovo’s ANT VR headset. It also offers greater flexibility and content which means user get to do a lot more on it than with other VR headsets in this price range. The fact that it can be used with all smartphones is a big bonus.

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