GEMINI Magnetic Speakers Create 360 Sound

GEMINI Magnetic Speakers Create 360 Sound
July 21, 2017

Alex Hou based in San Francisco has created a new 360 degree sound system that consists of magnetic speakers that can be positioned almost anywhere, dividing immersive surround sound.


The small portable speaker system can be attached to any surface allowing you to position them in the right place to provide maximum coverage to meet your exact requirements. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about their design and inspiration.

Alex explains more:


"Traditional stereo speakers are annoying for their bulky size and fixed sound field. Do we always have to sacrifice convenience for stereo listening experience? Of course not!  We created GEMINI speakers to make the stereo sound more flexible and accessible for you to enjoy and share.


With the magnetic back, GEMINI speakers can be attached to any metal surface. This has greatly extended the listening possibilities. But we did not stop here, in addition, we specially designed small magnetic stickers and other accessories so that they can even be attached to a nearby plank or almost any surface you feel comfortable with, creating a unique listening experience every time."


For more information on the new GEMINI speakers jump over to the Kickstarter website for details.

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